Autumn 2022 Jams – Gaming hype in the midst of darkness

Is there a better way to start the Autumn Vacation than with games and good company? 🎃 FrostBit brought light to a dark October weekend, and held the second Frosted Game Jams for 2022. The first Frosted Game Jams in the spring went well and raised interest of the Rovaniemi gaming community, so new jams had to, of course, be organized! From the last Jams, we made many changes and improvements based on the feedback, and again we went one step further in organizing even more epic event!

Lapland UAS had a full house when a bunch of game enthusiasts arrived to make the most amazing games from far and wide: in the end, total of 8 teams made 2D and 3D-games for computer and mobile, multiplayer and single-player games, for keyboards and controllers, of course not forgetting the revolutionary (galactic) board game.



How did the event go? Watch the Aftermovie!

At the Game Jams, the aim is to make a game during the weekend, with a common theme. We received feedback from the last Jams that, in addition to the main theme, “diversifiers” would be a fun addition; and we invented them! The main theme this time was “In The Middle”, and the diversifiers were “randomness, excuse, helpless”, and Saturday’s surprise diversifier was: “make the game completely against the theme”. Huh?! Yes, as usual, this is only limited by your imagination. The best thing is to see the end result, i.e. what the participants actually come up with based on these themes.

When are the next Jams at Rovaniemi again?

We will definitely see Game Jams at Rovaniemi in some form next year; whether it’s Frosted Game Jams, Global Game Jams, or even both, we’ll be sure to notify about them in time. 😎 By the way, stay tuned on FrostBit’s social media (Instagram, LinkedIn, nettisivut) as well as IGDA Rovaniemi Hub social medias (Instagram, Facebook), if you are interested in games and their development, because we want to be a part of activating the gaming industry here in the North as well. Keep your eyes and ears open and join the upcoming events! 🏃