About Us

The FrostBit software laboratory is part of the Lapland University of Applied Sciences and the Digital Solutions competence group, and the lab is located on the Rovaniemi campus. We focus mainly on the implementation of national and international RDI projects, as well as on the ICT-education. Experts from multidisciplinary fields work in the laboratory.


FrostBit used to be ‘PLab’ (P=Peli, Game), and the laboratory was founded in 1999 as the first Finnish virtual reality software laboratory, when it was financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). In the beginning, PLab was entirely ran by engineer workers at first, but since then, the lab of less than 10 people has gained multidisciplinary expertise and grown its operations considerably. Although the operation started with virtual technology, we have always followed the latest technologies and developments.


We lead and cooperate in national and international EU projects, and projects are carried out in several industries in cooperation with multidisciplinary public and private actors. We have a lot of experience in project planning, management and project work, and we constantly strive to grow our RDI networks with both companies and other RDI operators.

FrostBit cooperates particularly closely with the degree programs of the Lapland University of Applied Sciences, the Faculty of Arts of the University of Lapland, and the Lapland Education Center REDU. The lab has become an important player for ICT students as an internship where students can work with “real-life” projects.


FrostBit’s versatile team of more than 30 people consists of software engineers, 3D modelers, graphic designers, service designers, pedagogues and teachers, communication and AV experts, and experts in many other fields. Some of the employees also work as lecturers in the ICT-education.

Additionally, there are usually around 5-10 students doing internships, participating in projects or doing theses. International students are also often participating in the lab’s activities.

Heikki Konttaniemi

Manager, Digital Solutions

Pertti Rauhala

Coordinator, FrostBit Lab

Matias Hiltunen

Team Leader, FrostBit Web & Mobile

Toni Westerlund

Team Leader, FrostBit XR & Games

Tuomas Herranen

Team Leader, AI & Robotics (ARC)

Tuuli Nivala

Communications, FrostBit Lab

You can find project-specific contact information from the portfolio.