Digiconcept for Sports & Culture Destinations

Gamified apps bring versatile information and enthusiasm about the area for everyone

The ecosystem agreement of the city of Rovaniemi emphasizes Arctic tourism and future welfare services. Few mentioned development targets are new-age tourism and the utilization of digitalization in nature and sports tourism. There are many sports and cultural destinations around the city of Rovaniemi, the location information and accessibility of which should be brought out in new and interesting ways, so that they encourage as many people as possible to get moving. FrostBit will design this digital service concept during 2024.

In the project “Designing digitalization of sports and cultural destinations”, the application concept for Rovaniemi’s sports and cultural destinations is planned. During the project, public and private sector actors are gathered together to innovate content for the application/service. The main measures of the project include:

  1. Creating a developer network (companies and other actors interested)
  2. Concepting workshops and data collection
  3. Creating a gamified digital application concept

Designing the Concept for Digitalizing Exercise and Cultural Destinations


1.1.2024 – 31.12.2024


73 338 €


Tuuli Nivala

We will devise an application/service concept with the project partners and create a developer network for defining the future of the concept. We will cooperate closely with other sports and cultural development and networking projects during 2024, and organize activities for the project, to which those interested in the subject are welcome! So follow FrostBit’s and Lapland UAS channels, where we will communicate about the project activities throughout the year.