Utilizing IoT to test and develop new solutions in winter road maintenance

The lab created a web-system called WiRMA for the project Industrial IoT applications in Winter Road Maintenance. The project is targeting at researching, developing and testing new solutions in the field of winter road maintenance in the North while focusing particularly on exploiting vehicle-based sensor data. The project aims to make stakeholders aware of the new technologies in road infrastructure and winter road conditions and create safer, more sustainable and environmental winter conditions on the Arctic roads.

The system allows the user to examine the information of road conditions measured by the trucks of transportation company partners. The service presents graphical information about the Finnish roads, such as if their conditions are wet, dry, slippery or slushy. FrostBit was in a keystone position to process, utilize and display the sensory data, as well as present them graphically in the WiRMA-web service.


Industrial IoT Applications in Winter Road Maintenance


3.10.2016 – 30.9.2019


844 047 €


Heikki Konttaniemi

The project is expected to have significant results and outputs:

  1. A study and demonstration of a new optic hybrid measurement technique, which can achieve a close to perfect characterization of winter road surfaces
  2. A study and demonstration of modern vehicle-based IoT-solutions and the embedded road weather sensors, which enable real-time data collection from the vehicles
  3. A demonstrated version of a system for public decision-making of winter road maintenance in the North and the Arctic, which is based on the real-time observations and forecasts
  4. A framework for planning winter road maintenance infrastructure in rapidly changing weather conditions
  5. A study and demonstration of better weather- and road condition forecast production
  6. Presenting the impacts of the results of the study in networks and the society