Simulating weather conditions and developing vehicle automation

The impact of weather conditions must be taken into account in the development of intelligent and automated transport in the future, especially in Finland and in northern conditions. How effective are the existing sensors and how can they be developed further? To research this, the WinterSim-project develops current research and produces valuable information on vehicle sensors and weather simulation.

During the project, the engineers of the Game Dev Team have developed and piloted various data collection methods, including a customized measuring station on the Rovaniemi campus of Lapland University of Applied Sciences. The weather conditions are tested with, among other things, LIDAR sensors, a depth camera and laser radars. In addition, WinterSim has produced a vehicle simulation utilizing the open-data Carla simulation, in which weather conditions are virtually simulated on the Muonio Aurora Intelligent Road. With real-life data, the project creates practical tools for open source data.




1.6.2020 – 31.5.2022


571 200 €


Pertti Rauhala

Project Outcomes:

  • Current situation on the simulation of weather conditions with sensors and technical systems, especially in the automotive industry
  • Reference data collected under field conditions
  • Programming solutions implemented in an open source simulation environment
  • Simulation testing reports
  • Publications produced during the project