VR Speech Simulation Game

Revitalizing and learning Nordic languages with Virtual Reality

The NordPlus funded “VR Speech Simulation Game and VR Pedagogy” project creates an innovative Virtual Reality teaching and learning method for higher education students. The project’s main objectives are to strengthen students’ skills in Nordic languages, develop virtual pedagogies and inter-Nordic cooperation in the Higher Education context, and support Nordic minority language vitality and use.

The proposed VR speech simulation game will help develop the cultural and linguistic competence of higher education students in both Sweden and Finland and support students’ integration into Nordic working life. The VR environment gives students the confidence and courage to communicate in the target language by providing a safe and stress-free environment to practice the language. Finnish-speaking students will be able to learn to use Swedish, while heritage speakers and other students of the Finnish language (for example, international students in Finland) can similarly improve their language skills in Finnish.

FrostBite is the technical implementer of the game, including making 3D models, dialogue systems and Metahuman responsivity. Three speech learning scenarios are produced:

  1. Guiding
  2. Job search
  3. Being sick
Some dialogues are spoken in a sauna. Modelled by Niklas Heikki (REDU)
Some dialogues are spoken in a sauna. Modelled by Niklas Heikki (REDU)
Some dialogues are spoken in a sauna. Modelled by Niklas Heikki (REDU)

VR Speech Simulation Game and VR Pedagogy


1.9.2023 – 31.8.2024


83 000 €


Riikka Partanen

The organizations participating in the implementation of the project are Lapland University of Applied Sciences (FrostBit), Uppsala University and Stockholm University, of which LapUAS is the main implementer.

The hyperrealistic virtual game promotes a positive attitude towards the Nordic languages in a modern way and contributes to the revival of the languages.