Virtual Slaugherhouse

Reindeer Herding is the image-industry of Finnish Lapland

Reindeer husbandry is an important industry, especially for northern Finland, and also of interest to foreign tourists coming to Finland. The cultural-historical significance of reindeer husbandry unites the Sámi language and acts as a carrier of the culture, which also promotes economic vitality and diversity in Lapland. However, there is a lack of educational development in the sector, which is why new technological innovations can help to continue and increase the interest and competence in the field.

FrostBit is involved in the POROPEDA project to produce a new, interactive and digital learning environment that covers both a VR learning environment and a web-based environment. The actual virtual slaughterhouse (VR) serves as a realistic simulative learning environment, where safety and animal protection aspects are taken into account during training. In the web-based environment, a broader learning ensemble on the different aspects of slaughterhouse work is produced, and its implementation utilizes visualizations taken from the virtual slaughterhouse.


Porotalouden uudet pedagogiset ratkaisut (POROPEDA)


1.9.2019 – 30.4.2022


449 311 €


Karoliina Majuri

The aim of the project is to increase the safe learning and competence of slaughterhouse work in many areas. The activities will reduce risks (such as prevention of cruelty to animals, slaughter hygiene and occupational safety) and add new innovative technology-pedagogical solutions for reindeer herdering students as well as other professionals in the field. As long-term results, the new technology implementations of the project will develop the teaching of the field to be more motivating and learner-oriented, also as a new opportunity for distance learning.