Tech-innovations aiding sustainable cultural tourism

The World Heritage Struve Geodetic Arc is a triangulation chain between the Black Sea and the Arctic Ocean that has a significant representation as a cultural and technological heritage. The “Maailmanperintö Struven ketjun pohjoiset osat” project aims to develop sustainable and attractive cultural- and tourism products as well as learning concepts for the Struve chain.

The project will develop a network in the Northern region; raising awareness of the Struve chain among public actors, businesses, visitors and young people; improving the accessibility of points in the Struve chain through digital solutions; and developing responsible and sustainable business models for the chain.

FrostBit Laboratory produces both mobile and 3D visualization for the Struve project. The 3D visualization is a virtual experience where the user gets to know the measurement technology and equipment used in Struve in the historic environment of the Alatornio Church. The mobile game is based on Struve chain measurement events, and the game aims at reaching an audience to which the World Heritage Site is unfamiliar. The game will be released in the Play Store and App Store in the fall of 2022.


Maailmanperintö Struven ketjun pohjoiset osat


01/02/2020 – 30/09/2022


680 304 €


Eila Seppänen / +358 40 502 2413

The project aims to help the Struve chain become a world-class sustainable and smart cultural tourism destination by 2030. The aim is to emphasize Northern European cultural identity and cooperation in accordance with UNESCO values.