Electrification of heavy transport

Robocoast E-Heavy Vehicles (ReHV) is a project coordinated by Prizztech, which is implemented in cooperation with the universities of applied sciences in Lapland, Turku and Centria. The goal of the project is to solve development challenges in electrification of heavy traffic and to build an innovation cluster that works around the theme.

FrostBit’s main goal is to develop a simulation that can be used to test the electrification of heavy transport in challenging conditions. The simulation is implemented by utilizing game technologies, which enable the development of both a spectacular-looking environment and a realistic simulation. For the simulation, a large environment will be built around the Helsinki-Turku highway. The environment shows the effects of the electrification of traffic and different weather conditions. Along with the areas, the necessary vehicles are also modeled.


Robocoast E-Heavy Vehicles


1.1.2023 – 31.12.2025


762 200 €
(LAPUAS 258 199 €)


Petteri Maljamäki

The innovation cluster resulting from the project will be expected to have the ability to implement high-demand projects promoting the electrification of heavy equipment internationally. The conversion methods tested in the project are able to assist diesel-powered trucks and buses to become electric. The measures also enable Finnish companies in the field to operate at the forefront of battery technology development.