Utilization of climate data in Muonio municipality

According to studies, Muonio has the best air quality in the world. Nowadays, low-carbon and sustainable use of nature must have all the necessary attention, which also increases the attractiveness and popularity of clean tourist destinations. A high-level air quality monitoring station is located in Muonio’s Pallastunturi, which can be used to assess the current state of the climate and its future development. The ‘Pk-yritysten digipalveluekosysteemistä ja tiedolla johtamisesta vipuvoimaa koronasta selviytymiseen’ project aims to utilize the collected data and make it reachable and usable for multiple different user groups, and unravel the possibilities of Virtual Experiences in travelling.

The measures of the project include, for example, making available the description of the air quality and the state of the climate, as well as research conducted with the data and its results, to different user groups in an understandable, interesting, up-to-date and easily usable format.

FrostBit creates an interactive visualization of the Taivaskero area in Muonio, where users can monitor the effects of air pollution and global warming on air quality and the surrounding nature.


Pk-yritysten digipalveluekosysteemistä ja tiedolla johtamisesta vipuvoimaa koronasta selviytymiseen


01/08/2021 – 30/06/2023


282 266€


Tuomas Valtanen / +358 40 687 2919

The climate information collected in the project can be used in image marketing, company strategy planning, service production and education. By generating new information and strengthening the attractiveness of the Muonio region, well-being, work and entrepreneurship situation can be improved in the region. The SMEs of the area get new digital tools in their hand which they can utilize in their development.