MiGaEL – Mining Game for Education & Learning

Mining games for the professionals and students of mining industry

The mining industry is an important industry in Finland – especially in Lapland – and a sector that employs many. The aim of the MiGaEL project is to promote the awareness and attractiveness of the mining industry, especially for young students. This will be established through diverse and innovative game exercises from the mining industry, which aim at realistic scenarios and pay special attention to occupational safety in the industry.

In Migael, you get to experience real-world mining scenarios through game implementations and interactive visualizations. The player gets to work in different roles in the mining industry and try out different job tasks in both the open pit and the underground mines. Different scenarios are available on a variety of platforms: mobile, VR and PC-desktop. Migael utilizes latest game engines and explores the possibilities of teaching through many different technological implementations.


MiGaEL – Mining Game for Education and Learning


1.8.2019 – 31.12.2021


450 002 €


Toni Westerlund

The project will create a new diverse learning environment for the mining industry for the use of both professionals and students, and it will be integrated into the teaching at the Lapland UAS. Utilizing new types of game technologies such as VR, the project will enable a new and innovative, safe and resource-saving way to learn in the industry.

Read more about the project from its official websites: www.migael.fi/en/home