Level Up Lapland

Did you know that the turnover of the Finnish gaming industry already exceeded 3 billion euros in 2021? The gaming industry is growing and developing rapidly, and related business skills and business growth should be improved. Since 2017, the Lapland University of Applied Sciences has been organizing summer game studies, which have resulted in games with great commercial potential. However, universities or Lapland in general do not have enough resources to spar game developers into business. LeveLappi, a joint project of the University of Lapland and the Finnish Academy of Arts and Sciences, aims to answer this problem.

In the LeveLappi project, studies are developed, piloted and established, which focus especially on business in the gaming industry. As a continuation of the summer game studies, new business game studies will be developed, which will be piloted twice during the project with game industry professionals. LeveLappi supports the birth of new companies in Lapland and creates opportunities for teams to present games to publishers and investors, both at gaming industry events and elsewhere. The project has many target audiences and opportunities for a wide variety of actors to participate (summary below).

For Students and Workers

The project develops business training in the gaming industry. The game business studies are organized alongside the summer game studies.

For Game Professionals

Professionals in the game industry are encouraged to participate in the operation of the project and in the piloting of studies, and teaching and mentoring in the field are sought. Piloting takes place partly in a workshop format.

For Teachers

As a teacher, you have the opportunity to get up-to-date information and know-how about the business of the gaming industry and bring your own know-how.

For Entrepreneurs

The project creates a lot of technical and artistic know-how, and the pilots are presented to a panel of professionals. Maybe you, as an entrepreneur, have knowledge and networks that are valuable for the council or business studies?

You can find all essential information about game business studies and training on LeveLappi website!

Eric Zimmerman in LeveLappi workshop
People working with a game in LeveLappi workshop
“How to fix a broken game?”

Level Up Lapland


1.9.2023 – 31.3.2026


497 343 €


Heikki Tikkanen

The project works in cooperation with many other business network projects and strengthens Lapland’s startup ecosystem in the gaming industry. The development of gaming business in Lapland contributes to the retention of Lapland’s gaming experts in the region and in Finland.

Check out the official LeveLappi webpage