Forest Games

Webpage for Nature and Forest games made for children

In cooperation with the project Äkräs, FrostBit produced a Metsä (Forest Games) web service, which has a collection of different nature games. The Äkräs-project established a software which utilized the most recent technologies in the games, which were created to raise awareness of the current elements in forestry. The project is a follow-up for previous game projects and aimed to promote and encourage Finnish school children’s knowledge about forestry.

The users can play nature games directly in the Forest Games -website and also give them a rating. The games were produced for different user groups and thus for different difficulty levels. Some of the games have had additions of multiplayer features, which allow the players to communicate, cooperate and network with each other through the games. From the games, FrostBit has created, for example, Tree Felling-, Orienteering and Mushroom Picking games.




1.11.2015 – 30.6.2018


323 808 €


Petri Hannula

During the project, forest awareness was also increased among children through various events, conventions, seminars, and also through active utilization of social media. The web page serves as an inspiring learning environment specifically for younger students, and the Äkräs-project has brought forth new ideas about using technologies in forest education, eco-tourism and forest/nature entrepreneurship.