Energy ECS

Future’s smart energy solutions

The Smart and Secure Energy Solutions for Future Mobility (Energy ECS) project, coordinated by TietoEVRY, paves the way for a new kind of business and technology ecosystem in Europe. This means developing research in smart energy solutions involving up to 16 SMEs, 8 large companies and 6 training and development organizations from eight different countries.


The project partners implement a total of six Use Cases, which you can read more about on the project website. The Use Cases share a common need for ICT infrastructure and electronic equipment.

DroneZones – Autonomous Drone Ecosystem

Smart Containers in intramodal transport & Smart and light Air cargo Containers

Smart mobility with E-mobility

Vehicle to Grid

Self-powered System in Tyres

Autonomous Driving of EV to Charging Station

FrostBit takes part in the project in the “UC6 – Autonomous Driving of EV to Charging Station” Use Case. The lab implements a Digital Twin at the Strætó bs bus station in Iceland, where 3D buses are guided from the parking screens to the charging station and back using virtual sensor data from UNIKIEN’s control system. As a result, this simulation is intended to serve as a test environment before buses begin the process in the real environment.

Bus depot digital twin
Simulated lidar sensor
Test hall
Drivable electric bus
Multiple simulated lidar sensors
Adjustable weather system

Smart and secure energy solutions for future mobility


1.6.2021 – 31.5.2024


1 134 251€


Jukka Leinonen


Energy ECS responds to the challenges and needs of future smart energy solutions by developing electronics, components and systems technologies to improve the digitization of the e-transport system. This will enable the interaction between intelligent transport and infrastructure; through connection to grid, intermodal transport, autonomous driving, data generation and vehicles as service providers.

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