New operating models and technology solutions for the Social and Health -sector

The CultureExpert was a project led by the University of Oulu. The project created a general operating model and a digital network between students with a migrant background in the social and health services sector, nurses, and teachers and tutors. The need arose from the current and future skills needed in the sector, in which the project will facilitate the integration of nurses and students with an immigrant background into working life.

FrostBit Laboratory produces a realistic VR simulation for the project with two scenarios: an anaphylactic reaction and patient guidance in a repatriation situation. The scenarios have been defined using Service Design methods and by combining the latest technology in the industry: Unreal Engine 5 and MetaHuman.

Below are two videos from the early stages in the project development.


CultureExpert -cultural competence in Social and Health -sector’s on-the-job training


1.3.2020 – 28.2.2023


243 510 €


Marita Turulin

The project responds to educational development needs with new operating models and modern technology, which will increase the readiness of nurses and students with an immigrant background to function safely with patients. In addition, the project promotes and supports educational development in the counseling- and leadership levels.