Muonio – The municipality of the purest air

Research has shown that Finland has the best air quality in the world, and the municipality of Muonio takes the leading spot. The goal of the “More arctic attractiveness with the purest air in the world” project is to popularize the science measured and produced by the Meteorological Institute in Muonio and bring it to the use of various user groups; by, for example, defining the term ‘clean air’ and the format of the measurement data related to it, making the information meet the needs of users through digital means.

The FrostBit laboratory is in the project modelling the measurement data and visualizing the clean air brand in Muonio. In the project, a clean air index will be produced in cooperation with project partners, and a web service will be produced based on the index with visualizations created for use by regional marketing and other regional actors.

Pallas Air Quality Index



Demonstration of air purity in two different locations with explanations


More arctic attractiveness with the purest air in the world


01/06/2021 – 30/06/2023


251 732 €


Tuomas Valtanen / +358 40 687 2919

One of the strategic goals of the municipality of Muonio is to strengthen the vitality of the municipality, aiming to also strengthen sustainable development and respect for the environment in the business life of Muonio. The goal is to make the knowledge and productization produced in the project available to target and user groups, such as companies in the region, and it can be used, for example, in brand marketing, services and training.