Virtual Production to Lapland

Impressive technology development in northern Finland with the power of a new studio and virtual production

Virtual productions connect digital environments to the real world by utilizing virtual cameras, motion capture, environments created in real time with game engines and advanced LED technology. In Finland, there are only a few studios suitable for making bigger scale virtual productions, and there is only a small amount of research conducted around the subject area. The ERDF-funded VPST project brings the first virtual production studio to Rovaniemi in northern Finland, which consists of a huge LED video display unit, camera systems and motion capture technology.


The purpose of the VPST project is to build a virtual production studio based on LED screens for the joint use of Lapland University of Applied Sciences and the University of Lapland, which enables real-time motion capture and the creation and manipulation of sets and environments, from streamed live broadcasts and performances to film-level productions. Virtual production and related technology are tested and piloted in various cooperation packages during the project.

  1. Utilization of technology in theater art – In cooperation with: Rovaniemi Theatre
  2. Using virtual production in video production – In cooperation with: Flatlight Creative
  3. Visualization and background of the live broadcast – In cooperation with: Avea Media
  4. Blurring the border between the real and virtual worlds – In cooperation with: JoulupukkiTV
  5. Implementation of a virtual tour using virtual production – In cooperation with: RVN Consulting
  6. Utilization of virtual technology in the health and social care sector – Finnish Academy of Medical Sciences, Nursing

In the future, you can follow the current measures and outputs of the project more closely on its own website, which will be produced in 2024.


Virtual Production Studio Technologies (+investment)


1.8.2023 – 31.12.2025


1 231 143 €
(478 573 € investment)


Samuli Valkama

The VPST project is coordinated by the Lapland University of Applied Sciences and implemented in cooperation with the University of Lapland. Alongside the project runs its investment project, which will help Lapland’s higher education group invest in and build a virtual production studio. The studio enables a research, production and teaching environment containing the most technology and offers a new type of studio space for local SMEs in Lapland to utilize. The studio’s estimated construction time is during 2024.

The project develops Lapland’s image in the field of smart specialization and competitiveness in the technology sector by bringing virtual production opportunities to Northern Finland as well.