Digisolutions for developing Reindeer Husbandry

Aiding the development of reindeer meat production and sales with new digital tools

The corona pandemic and the increase in production costs have caused enormous problems for reindeer herders. Starting processing operations and reindeer meat sales information requirements of the authorities and customer management progress has created challenges for many producers. The goal of the Vasama project has been to find out the working methods of reindeer husbandry and the problem areas in them, and to develop new solutions for them with the help of research information and technology.

In the project, FrostBit developed electronic data transfer and auxiliary tools for the terrain conditions of reindeer husbandry, focusing especially on the marking of the herds and reindeer separations. The study discussed transmission techniques and database solutions, as well as the functionality of electronic technology in cold and challenging weather conditions. In addition, user interface prototypes were designed to improve the user experience. The project also tested the Starlink satellite connection as a connection technology for the reindeer separation fence.


Poronlihan tuotannon ja myynnin digitiedon kehittäminen (Vasama)


1.6.2022 – 31.10.2023


184 003 €


Mikko Pajula

The investigations carried out in the project produce important up-to-date research information on the problem areas of working methods of reindeer herding. Digital solutions save labor resources and develop the economy in new ways, and the solutions can potentially improve the profitability of the economy and facilitate the sale of reindeer products by direct sellers and small processors.