KaiVi – Virtual Mining Learning Environment

Mining industry proficiency through virtuality

There is a need for multidisciplinary expertise in the mining industry in the fields of mechanical, electrical, as well as automation engineering. KaiVi Virtual Mining Learning Environment was developed as a training environment for students in the engineering fields, where they could improve their proficiency in the mining industry regardless of time and space.

This gamified environment includes scenario-based teaching- and training exercises where the student gets to practice mining activities in different roles. KaiVi makes it possible to visualize the cause- and effect relationships in decision making of the mining activities, and of all things, enable doing this in a safe learning environment.


KaiVi – Kaivosalan virtuaalinen oppimisympäristö


1.6.2015 – 31.5.2018


943 350 €


Toni Westerlund

This project has showcased relevant results in improving and developing content in teaching that utilizes virtual and online methods. The learning environment improves the work-life skills as well as work-safety of students graduating from mining industries.