FrostBit Software Lab operates under the Digital Solutions competence group together with the ICT engineering education at the Lapland UAS (Rovaniemi campus). The lab plays a pivotal role for the ICT engineering education as an R&D and learning environment where students can collaborate with the staff, study and have hands-on experience of ICT engineering.


The laboratory was established all the way back in 1999 as the first Finnish virtual reality programming laboratory, and it was funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The major R&D focus of FrostBit is on entertaining & educational games, simulations, extended reality, web & mobile computing and complex data systems.


We are leading and co-running different EU-funded projects, for instance, in forestry, mining industry, built environment, tourism, healthcare and mobility & transport. Besides projects funded by EU, we are also providing our R&D services to the local companies and businesses.

FrostBit is jointly collaborating with the degree programs at the Lapland UAS, Faculty of Arts and Design at the University of Lapland and REDU vocational college. Lapland UAS has established partnerships with many companies and organizations and the lab is cooperating with digitalization with many regional, national and international partners.


Our diverse team consists of software engineers, visual artists specialized in 3D modeling, graphic design, UI and UX design, web developers and communications. Some of the team members are working on teaching and projects simultaneously.

We also have 5-10 students completing their internship, working in projects, gaining ECTS and completing graduate thesis. In addition, international students and exchange students are often part of our projects and working with us.

The lead and project managers in the lab:

Pertti Rauhala

Coordinator, FrostBit Software Lab

Heikki Konttaniemi

Manager, Digital Solutions

Tuomas Valtanen

Project Manager, Web & Mobile Team Leader

Toni Westerlund

Project Manager, XR & Pelit Team Leader


Project Manager


Project Manager


Project Manager


Project Manager