Digital Twins with Game Engines

A digital twin (Digital Twin) is a virtual model of a product, process, or service. It can be used to visualize the operation of the object and its related information. Digital Twins for Leveraging Renewable Energy (DUKE) project, funded by Lapin Liitto and executed by the Lapland University of Applied Sciences, has its first functional […]

What is sustainable development and what can software development bring to it?

As a software lab, FrostBit is not a traditional software development unit, although we have a web and mobile team in addition to the XR game team. These teams support each other in most projects in one way or another. The lab could be considered as a multidisciplinary operating environment. Many examples of projects concerning […]

Machine and deep learning – a tech trend or a tool of the future?

Everyone who is familiar with software technology trends within past few years has surely met with the concepts of machine and deep learning as well as artificial intelligence, whether in articles or other contexts. It seems nowadays these terms are also widely used even while marketing different software solutions. The FrostBit Software Laboratory has also […]