Sustainable development in Lapland

The aim of the Towards Sustainable Tendering -project is to improve the energy efficiency, environmental expertise, values and functionalities of local businesses, municipalities and provinces. The city of Kemijärvi works as the pilot environment for the project, and the tool created in the project will be scaled to the whole Lapland. Partners in Kemijärvi and other provinces of East-Lapland will be involved in the analysis and optimization related to the acquisition decisions. The materials and business networks developed through the project’s extensive collaborative work will provide a solid foundation for the tool.

The project will establish regional STEM – models and economical models to design and program easily presentable 2D and 3D environment tools. In addition to these gamified environments, there will be a tool developed for the policy-makers and the data of the tool will be brought into visualized environments. The algorithms behind the tools take into account economical and natural science aspects such as the impact of purchase decisions on taxing, the employment situation, energy consumption, carbon footprint and ultimately, well-being. With these tools, it is possible to determine the best acquisition decisions of sustainable development.


Towards sustainable tendering


01/09/2019 – 31/08/2022


799 116 €


Mika Uitto / +358 40 674 8616

The finalized tools will be supporting businesses and provinces in proactive planning of the most viable economical and ecological environments. The data collected during the project will demonstrate the impacts of investing in sustainable solutions as a smaller carbon footprint and make the areas more appealing and attractive for businesses.